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Lexington, MA Scrabble® Club #108

Special Notices

The club is meeting as usual on 2-Jul-15, but attendance is expected to be low, since many of the regulars will be in Albany for a tournament. If you do play that night, please bring a board and any score sheets you may need. We also don't expect to provide snacks that night. Although paying some fee is helpful, it is optional for that night.

As of February, 2009, the church has requested that no one bring into the building any foods containing nuts or shrimp. Please abide by this request.

As of September, 2011, in addition to the games played using the OWL Lexicon, this club also keeps stats for games played using the International English Collins 2012 lexicon. Separate ratings and challenged words are computed and reported for these games.

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Here are several topics which are covered in detail:

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