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Directions from the Club by Public Transportation

When returning from the Lexington SCRABBLE® Club by bus, head back to the Minuteman statue, and then find the town library across the street on your right (and the statue's right). The bus stop is in front of the library.

The return bus trips to Alewife are unfortunately quite early:

The final departure times of the Red Line subway from Alewife are:

It is often the case that one of our club members can drive players without a car to Alewife or some other MBTA stop after the last bus from Lexington has left (at 10:05 p.m.). Seeking such a ride is best done early in the evening, since most players who stay late do not head in an appropriate direction.

The last inbound commuter rail train stops in Concord at 11:14 p.m.; catching a ride with someone going near there is a possibility, but such a ride may be too late for that train. That train makes these further stops:

A "flag stop" means that the train stops to discharge passengers on notice to the conductor and to pick up passengers on the platform visible to the engineer.

For further information on the MBTA system, including the commuter rail, see http://www.mbta.com.

Thanks to Nicholas Cheung for providing this information.

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