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Rockport, MA SCRABBLE® Club

As of September, 2017, there is no SCRABBLE activity at this venue. This page is kept here, in case there are still some links to it.

Please call club organizer June Landry in advance at 978-???-???? when you would like to attend and also to get further information. This club may not meet in the summer due the lack of air conditioning and the difficulty of parking during the high tourist season. In the hot summer of 2006, play has been postponed until after Columbus Day in mid-October. The official club director is Diane Bertolino, reachable at the Senior Center at 978-546-2573.

This club meets every Wednesday afternoon from 1:00 - 3:00 p.m. at the Rockport Senior Center at 4 Broadway in Rockport.

As of 2006, this club has been getting about 12 players each week. The club began with a group of players who were inexperienced in competitive play, and the quality of play has been steadily improving. Attendance by experienced competitive players was discouraged until the club got off the ground, and that time has passed.

Contrary to many other SCRABBLE® clubs around the country, the session is not arranged as uniform rounds, but play is more free. When you finish a game, the winner will move to another table and a new opponent. There is a tendency, but not a strict rule, to avoid repeating opponents, but that is up to the players involved. Other clubs in the Boston area operate in the same manner. An alternate way of running a club is to hold a mini-tournament each session; this would require you to be on-time for the starting game.

A Map of the Club Location

If you are using a browser which can show graphics, you can view a map showing where the club meets.


Take Route 128 North to its end and follow signs into Rockport. You will get to a signal where there are three choices. You should turn left onto Route 127. Proceed straight into Rockport and you will be on Broadway. The Senior Center is almost at the end in a building which was once a school.

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