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Providence, RI SCRABBLE® Club

This club is included on this web site since it is relatively close to the Boston, MA metropolitan area. It is not a sanctioned club associated with the NASPA. This informal group of players of varying strengths meets Mondays, except for major holidays, starting at 7 p.m. at Julian's Restaurant at 318 Broadway. They encourage all skill levels. The restaurant is normally open for business on Mondays, with a full bar, and wonderful food is available for purchase. If Julian's is open, it is very likely the club will meet. There are no fees or dues to play in this group. Typical attendance is about 8-14 players.

In case you have any questions, please call club director Rich Lupo at 401-780-0551. Rich can also be reached by email at @lupo263@verizon.net. The phone number of Julian's Restaurant is 401-861-1770.

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