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Lexington Scrabble® Club 2009-2010 Season

This reports on the season which ran from September, 2009 through August, 2010.

The Lexington, Massachusetts Scrabble® Club #108 has been running continuously since it was started by Edie Berman and Muriel Sands in January, 1980. We meet nearly every Thursday night of the year in a comfy basement meeting room of the First Parish Church, situated on Lexington Green behind the Lexington Minuteman Statue. Judy Horn has been directing this club for about 24 years. Judy Cole serves as associate director. Mike Wolfberg joined the club within its first month of existence, and he took on the role of club statistician within the first year. The club has operated with its own rating system, designed primarily by Alan Frank, since early 1981. Ratings are based on the percentage of points which each of the players scores in each game. The club web site includes a detailed description of this system.

This is a report of the highlights of this club's Sep-09 through Aug-10 season. In this season, individuals played 5256 games, and so there were 2628 games in all. The average score in all of these games was 386. These numbers were 4762, 2381, and 387 for the previous season. Two seasons ago, the average was 388.

Of the 5256 individual games, 4853 were played by an "active player". We define an active player as someone who played at least 20 games in the season. The average score of the active players was 387 for the season. These numbers were 4364 and 388 for the previous season.

There were 49 club sessions during the season, and average attendance was 24.6. These statistics indicate that each player plays on the average of about 4.4 games per session. We realize this is higher than in many other clubs, and so some of this club's achievements in one season should be understood in this context. The average attendance in the previous season was 22.2.

147 different players have attended the club in the past 2 years. During the 2008-2009 season there were 44 active players, namely those who played at least 20 games, and here are the top 30, ordered by decreasing club average rating (not shown here, but these are in the other table below) :

Jere Mead        - averaged 425, won 17 of 25 gsmes
Rod MacNeil      -          448      40    50
Brad Whitmarsh   -          434      43    59
Evans Clinchy    -          437     145   195
Alyssa Faria     -          439      35    52
Merrill Kaitz    -          416      51    84
Seth Lipkin      -          415      32    50
Steven Saul      -          421     116   163
Richard Buck     -          414     130   199
Ben Harrison     -          418     138   210
Mike Wolfberg    -          419      97   152
Jamie Ryan       -          432      53    80
Joel Horn        -          409     191   289, scored 118,292 points
Jake Bergmann    -          413      84   118
Carl Durdan      -          406      38    70
Chris Sinacola   -          406      35    51
Bruce Adams      -          396      26    47
Mark Fidler      -          395      98   153
Barbara Revkin   -          419      47    66
Judy Horn        -          405     167   277, scored 112,139 points
Bob Becker       -          392      73   143
John Cheras      -          376      28    51
Larry Katz       -          391      94   171
Joev Dubach      -          382      12    22
Judy Cole        -          377     141   290, scored 109,390 points
Diana Spiller    -          380      35    77
Jane Conti       -          384      12    22
Tim Lutts        -          360      31    69
Linda Giovinazzo -          369      65   144

Also of note:

 Trx. Kt. played 276 games and scored 95,722 points.

These high-rated players attended our club during the season, but failed to
play the  minimum of twenty games to qualify to be considered as active:
Sam Rosin, Chris Cree, John Van Pelt,  Kate Fukawa-Connelly,  Jon Shreve,
Jesse Day, Karl Higby.

           Season Average Ratings of the Top 40 Active Players
   1785.57    Jere Mead                   1707.47    Bob Becker
   1782.35    Rod MacNeil                 1705.65    John Cheras
   1775.43    Brad Whitmarsh              1694.00    Larry Katz
   1774.24    Evans Clinchy               1676.46    Joev Dubach
   1766.91    Alyssa Faria                1669.55    Judy Cole
   1763.20    Merrill Kaitz               1652.45    Diana Spiller
   1762.13    Seth Lipkin                 1647.14    Jane Conti
   1751.89    Steven Saul                 1639.25    Tim Lutts
   1743.95    Richard Buck                1638.76    Linda Giovinazzo
   1740.01    Ben Harrison                1625.23    Susan Kirchhausen
   1739.00    Mike Wolfberg               1622.82    Marshall Finn
   1733.81    Jamie Ryan                  1600.02    Betsey Wood
   1733.67    Joel Horn                   1592.69    Trx. Kt.
   1733.28    Jake Bergmann               1590.55    Sam Heinrich
   1728.29    Carl Durdan                 1584.78    Catherine Day
   1727.77    Chris Sinacola              1582.97    Quinten Steenhuis
   1725.11    Bruce Adams                 1579.37    Claudia Cassel
   1724.91    Mark Fidler                 1578.43    Morris Greenberg
   1718.58    Barbara Revkin              1577.71    Wayne Yorra
   1717.98    Judy Horn                   1541.25    Marla Choslovsky

There are many notable achievements this season:

Club Web Site

The club's web site continues to be at http://wolfberg.net/scrabble/lexington, and it is also reachable using the shorter http://LSC.wolfberg.net. You can also click on the "Clubs" box at http://ScrabbleClub.com to get there.

NASPA ratings

We usually have about 4-8 players in the top 100 rated tournament players in North America, based on the North American Scrabble® Players Association (NASPA) ratings. NASPA took over the from the National Scrabble® Association (NSA) in July, 2009. Our club roster lists NASPA ratings of active players; these are updated a few times each year.

ISC Players

Several of our club members are active at the web-based Internet Scrabble® Club. Our club roster includes ISC handles for many of these folks.

Challenges and Postmortems

The club has continued to use the WHAT program on one or two laptop computers available to all players at the club. Players tend to handle their own challenges using the program, and they often check on racks, etc. after a game is completed to see what was possible. Since WHAT can provide definitions, this is an efficient method of doing postmortems.

High Games

The highest game score in a club session during this season was 689 by Steven Saul. In that game, he made a 248-point play of QUALMIER. Other over-600 games:

Most Games

Judy Cole played the most games during the season, with 290 games, which is lower than her last season's number. Joel Horn played 289 (just one fewer) games. Five seasons ago Judy Horn played 406 games, which broke the record for the most games in a season.

Most Wins

With 191 wins, Joel Horn had the most wins. Last season he also had the most wins with 164. Judy Horn had 167 wins.

Most Points

With a total of 118,292 points, Joel Horn scored the most points in this season, Judy Horn scored 112,139 points.

Highest Percentage Above Average

In order to qualify for the highest percentage above average accolade, you must have already played at least 20 games in the season. The highest such game was Larry Katz's 600, and that was 54.8% above his average. The runner-up was Steven Saul with a 54.0% game.

Many Bingos by One Player

No 6-bingo games were played in the season. There were several 5-bingo games, but these are not that special in this club anymore.

High Losing Score

The highest loss during this season was visitor Chris Cree's 499 (to Steven Saul's 551).

High Bingo

Steven Saul's 248-point QUALMIER was the highest single play of last season.

Many Consecutive Bingos

Mark Fidler played a 5-bingo game which included 4 consecutive bingos starting on his first play of the game. It was interesting that all of his bingos scored between 62 and 65 points and none of them hit a DWS or TWS.

High Non-Bingo

On 5-Nov-09, Larry Katz broke the short-lived club record by getting 136 points for a non-bingo. Here is Joel Horn's description of how the play was made: After Larry played WeBSITE at K3 to take a sizable lead, I played EMeRGE at 4I to set up a couple spots. He played ANI at 3M to try to block. I drew an S, but couldn't use the spot very well, so I played HOP at 2M to set up my S. He then played EPISODIC at O1 for 136 (through PI).

On 11-Feb-10, Joel Horn played a triple-triple of TWEEDIER through WE, which scored 117 points. Then on 15-Jul-10, Joel played wHELPING through HELP, again for 117 points. These are both runner-up scores for a non-bingo in this club.

High-Scoring Bingo

Steven Saul's QUALMIER for 248 was the fourth-highest in club history.

Low Tie

The lowest tieing score and the lowest score in club history was -10 to -10 by Claudia Cassell and Richard Buck. This was the only time in club history there had been a negative score. The club rating system was unable to handle this in a standard way.

Many Wins Above 500

With a club record of 18 games in a club session in which the winner exceeded 500, it is rare that we notice something worth announcing for this category. The most such games in this season were 14, tieing the fourth-highest number in club history.

Many Losses in the 400's

With a club record of 12 games in a club session in which the loser scored at least 400, it is rare that we notice something worth announcing for this category. The most such games in this season were 10, tieing the third-highest number in club history.

High Total

The fourth-highest total score in this club was 1050 in a game on 15-Apr-10 in which Steven Saul defeated visiting player Chris Cree 551-499. Each player made only 10 turns in this phony-free game, four of which were bingos. This also set the runner-up record for a high losing score. This game can be viewed here.

High Session Attendance

The highest attendance during this season was 41 players. This was the third-highest attendance in club history.

More Details

Further details for many of the club records mentioned above can be found on this club's statistics page.

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