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Lexington Scrabble® Club 1995-1996 Season

The Lexington, MA Scrabble® Club #108 meets nearly every Thursday of the year in a basement room of the First Parish Church, just behind the Lexington Minuteman Statue. Recently, we have just over 20 players each night from 7 to midnight+. The club finished its September, 1995 through August, 1996 season with the following stats.

These are the top 15 active players in decreasing club rating. Our rating system has been used since 1981; it was designed primarily by Alan Frank; it is based on percentage of points in each game.

  Adam Logan	- who had 141 wins and an average of 426
  Jeremiah Mead	- who averaged 406
  Merrill Kaitz	- who averaged 402
  Steve Root	- who averaged 404, operator of the ratings program
  Mike Wolfberg	- author/operator of the ratings program
  Richard Buck
  Betsy Blackmer
  Elaine Patterson
  Mark Fidler
  Steven Saul	- who lost with a 465 to Judy's 489
  Joel Horn	- who lost with a 464 to Muriel's 494
  Arnie Horowitz
  Judy Horn	- director, who played 250 games and scored 95994 points
  Joan Orvis
  Muriel Sands	- who played 312 games and scored 110522 points

We don't recall the high game score of the season nor bingo stats.

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