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Unfortunately, the club records over its many years of existence are not consolidated. Some research must be done to locate the significant events of the club. As such data is found it will be entered here. We hope to be able to list:

The highest game score achieved during a club session was made by Forrestt Tellis on 2-Jul-90 when he scored 721. Only one week later the club saw the only other above-700 game when Mike Wolfberg scored either 701 (according to Mike) or 703 (according to the club director) on 9-Jul-90. Interestingly, each of these high wins was opposite the same understandably dismal losing score of 214. Even though Mike began his high-scoring game with a pass 7, he went on to play five bingos. He missed a playable sixth bingo in that game! All words Mike played were acceptable. When the game was played, this was Mike's all-time high game in which he played no phoneys. He had a higher game with phonies several years earlier. He also had a higher game with no phoneys by him several years later. Both of these other over-700 games were played at the Lexington Club


Richard Buck scored 648 on April 5, 1999.

The highest total score noted in this club is 1015. This game, played on 30-Mar-92 as between Forrestt Tellis and Betsy Blackmer. The score was 538-477, and Betsy's score remains the highest noted losing score of the club.

Another high-scoring game was played 5-Jun-00 when Richard Buck defeated Joel Kershner 618-396. This is only one point shy of the club record for a total score mentioned above.

Mike Wolfberg made a 126-point non-bingo on 20-Oct-03. Although he held STANDER in his rack and could play that word in a couple of places, he instead elected to play the higher-scoring DRUNKEST through the U and K to make a triple-triple for 126 points. It is not known whether this is the highest non-bingo played in this club.

At the club session on 2-Oct-06, a 12-letter word was played by Brad Whitmarsh in a game with Joev Dubach. This word began as a seven, and it was extended 3 times to become a 10, an 11, and a 12. Brad played NEUTRAL through the A for 14 point. Later in the game he extended it to NEUTRALIZE for 38 points. A couple of turns later, Joev played STERILE, hooking the R to make NEUTRALIZER for 86 points. Four turns later, Brad played COIFS, hooking the S to make NEUTRALIZERS (also making SO, TI, EF) for 52 points, taking the lead by 118 points. Joev challenged, since it was his only chance to win, but the long word was ruled acceptable.

An oddity - on September 22, 1997, Mike Wolfberg drew a Y and ended up going first in a game against Mike Cohen. That is because Mike Cohen also drew a Y, and then lost the next draw. In an earlier similar incident, each of these players drew a blank on the first draw.

More statistics will be included here, as we rediscover them. However, although the club began in 1977, the above statistics are based on easily-accessible computer records from September 1989 on.

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