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Boston, MA SCRABBLE® Club Players at the 1998 NSC

Some of our regular club players went to the North American SCRABBLE® Championship tournament in August, 1998, and some did very well. In the following lists, names with a suffix asterisk have attended our club but we don't consider them as regulars.

Division 1 (players rated 1800 and up)

   65  Matt Graham *
  116  Ben Withers *
  117  Bruce Adams
  119  Joel Horn

Division 2 (players rated 1500-1799)

    6 Scott Appel
   23 Martin Smith *
   39 Judy Horn

Division 3 (players rated 1200-1499)

    1 Ben Loiterstein (Greenwood)
   53 Gregg Foster (and had the high play in a round on Wednesday)
   95 Hilda Siegel

There was a fourth division, but none of our club members were represented there.

The NSA web site has the complete coverage of the event. Our club member Sherrie Saint John served as an Internet correspondent, bringing up-to-the-minute coverage of the tournament as it was taking place.

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