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The Compass Alum Mailing List

NOTE - After more than 7 years, as of 13-Aug-05, this mailing list is moving from my computer to a group named all-compass at Thanks to Ian Wells for making this transition. For now, I will keep the remainder of this page as it has been for quite some time.

Compass, Inc. (formerly Masachusetts Computer Associates, Inc.) alums have stayed in touch via e-mail via an automatic e-mail mailing list maintained at Thanks to Ian Wells for setting this up and to Elizabeth Lear of for maintaining this list for several years. This service ended on February 20, 1998, when Elizabeth left the employ of On that day, I took over the list to operate manually until a better scheme appeared. I attempted to set up this list at MIT in March, 1998, but I could not complete the job without the aid of someone with an MIT account to help. In the absence of volunteers, this effort was abandoned.

The current manual scheme has been successful, and even though there are free mailing lists available now from companies such as Yahoo, I am content in continuing to administer the list in this manual mode. I believe this is less work than administering a Yahoo list.

When you want to send a message to this list, send it to me (, and start the subject with "COMPASS: ". I will then remove the "COMPASS: " prefix from the subject and redirect your message to the list. The "To:" field will have "all-compass", and recipients will see you as the sender and can reply back to you.

Please send me a regular message directly to request getting on or off the list, changing your e-mail address, or if you have any suggestions for improving this system.

I have saved copies of all posted messages since I took over, but they are not readily available on any web site. Just let me know if you want to get a copy of a certain message. There is very little traffic on this list - perhaps around 1-3 messages per month on the average.

There was a time when Compass was part of Applied Data Research; it was both a subsidiary and a division. ADR was based in Princeton, NJ. There was a website set up by Steve Wright dedicated to former employees of that company at:, but it no longer is there.

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