WHAT's Only $19.95 (OWL2/OSPD4) !

(Wolfberg’s Helpful Anagramming Tool)


This PC-based program is for personal and club use. It is simple to use for common requests and very powerful.

WHAT has extensive documentation, including tutorials and examples.

The downloadable version costs $19.95, which includes three years of support, including new lexicons.


Download and use the free someWHAT with limited lexicons. You can do useful work with all words with a Q plus all 2’s through 6’s.


·        Direct WHAT using typed commands, with a point-and-click interface to help you build your commands; with adjustable workspace size, font, and colors

·        Make postmortem queries; get challenge rulings; can record challenged words

·        WHAT does single- and double-word anagramming, pattern matching, anagram steals with or without rearrangement, blanagrams, etc.

·        Do complex finds: word reversals (e.g. NAMETAG-GATEMAN), longest words with no repeated letters (e.g. UNCOPYRIGHTABLE), highest-scoring opening plays, and lots more

·        Enter racks and see results in many ways; ask WHAT for small hints

·        WHAT does query filtering and output presentation by various criteria, such as word lengths, scores, probabilities, hooks, number of anagrams, etc.

·        Sort based on single or multiple criteria; arrange words in rows or columns

·        Create customized flashcards; sequentially or randomly present and manage them

·        WHAT can quiz you with random racks, with increased likelihood of answers as an option; rack order can be random or you specify a canonical ordering

·        Export/import word lists and other data; WHAT can show you imported definitions

·        Make and print study lists, perhaps with each word’s anagrams, hooks, and “unhooks”

·        Solve Big Boggle grids; produce random grids; use WHAT‘s game timer

·        And more, and more    see the one-page manual on the flip side of this sheet

WHAT is the best anagramming tool for Scrabble® players!

For more info visit  http://what.wolfberg.net  or e-mail Mike Wolfberg at  what@wolfberg.net .