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WHAT Documentation (26-Feb-14)

WHAT, Wolfberg's Helpful Anagramming Tool, is really a toolbox of powerful tools, with many facilities. You can make effective use of WHAT right away by using just a few of its features, and the document "WHAT's First - Getting Started Using WHAT" introduces these features. If you prefer to use a much shorter document, see the one-page blurb "WHAT Common Queries Reference Sheet"; it can indeed fit on one sheet of paper if you print the MS Word form of this blurb, what_common_queries.doc.

You may find these basic features are all you need to employ to benefit by its use, but WHAT provides a wealth of other facilities which we suggest you explore when you have a chance. As the product is being released, we are aware that its thorough documentation is desirable, and we have wanted to provide more than is available today. It is our intention to continue to provide more documentation as time goes on. The available time to do this will be balanced with providing user support as many users begin to use it. It is out intention that some of this documentation be accessible within the program itself. At the moment, there is precious little on-line help. Despite these apologies, there is considerable documentation today.

Some of the WHAT documentation is available to anyone, and the remainder of it is available to those who purchase the product. First, here are the documents available to anyone:

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