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Directions from the Club to the South by Car

If you came from the South to get to the Lexington Scrabble® Club, you might be tempted to return via the reverse path. We suggested two ways to get to the club from the South. If you used the simpler directions via Routes 4 and 225, then indeed you can reverse your route.

If you arrived via the suggested shorter route, then when you return, you will do better to follow these directions:

  1. When you leave the church parking lot, go towards the left, taking the other church driveway to exit.
  2. When you exit the church driveway, turn right and merge with Mass Ave. Take that 1.6 miles to the end. At about 1.0 mile, you will pass by the turn for School St., which was the way you came.
  3. At the end of Mass Ave., you come to a signal. Turn left, and you immediately will see signs for Route 95 South.

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