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Directions to the Club from the West by Car

Let's say you are heading East on Route 2. In Concord, Routes 2 and 2A are overlapped. This is how you get to the Lexington SCRABBLE® Club.

  1. Before you leave Concord, Route 2 makes a right turn up a hill at a corner where's there's a Mobil Gas station on the left. At that corner exit off Route 2, staying on Route 2A. In order to do this, you have to be in the left lane. You are basically going straight through the signal there.
  2. You will be on Route 2A for 3.1 miles. At 3.0 miles there is a large green sign showing you that the road curves right.
  3. Look for the brown sign which says "Lexington Green, Historic Area". You will be following that sign, and turning left onto Mass. Ave. This is soon before the announcements for Route 128.
  4. Drive on Mass Ave. for 1.6 miles; you pass a signal at nearly 1.4 miles. You then come upon a fork as you approach Lexington Green. Take the left fork, where there is a diamond-shaped yellow sign with 9 black dots in the middle of the fork.
  5. Pass one house on your left, and then turn left into the church "in" driveway. Park behind the church and then enter via the rear door. Later when you leave, use the other driveway to exit.

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