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Directions to the Club from the North by Car

Let's say you are heading South on Route 128, also the same as I-95, towards Lexington, which is West of Boston. This is how you get to the Lexington SCRABBLE® Club.

  1. If you are coming from North of where they merge, wait until Route 128 and I-95 merge to start looking for exit numbers. Take Exit 31A for "Lexington, 4 South and 225 East".
  2. From the end of the exit ramp, you will stay on this road, which is Bedford St., for 1.6 miles until you arrive at the edge of the Lexington Green. Along the way, you will pass a few traffic lights, the last one of which is at 1.4 miles.
  3. Just before the green, turn right onto Harrington Road. The Minuteman statue is at the far end of the green.
  4. Proceed past a couple of houses and the then the white church where you are headed. Turn right into the church "in" driveway. Park behind the church, and then enter via the rear door. Later when you leave, use the other driveway to exit.

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