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Directions to the Club from the East by Car

Let's say you are coming West on Route 2 from Boston and Cambridge. This is how you get to the Lexington SCRABBLE® Club.

  1. Take Exit 56 for "Routes 4 and 225, Lexington Bedford".
  2. While on the long exit ramp, follow two right forks for signs which say "4 and 225".
  3. From the end of the exit ramp, note your odometer, since you will now be following Routes 4 and 225 for 2.5 miles. You will be on Watertown St. for the first 0.7 miles. until you come to a STOP sign, where you turn left.
  4. After making the left turn, you are on Mass Ave. You will be driving through the shopping area of Lexington. Just past all the stores, you will see the Minuteman statue in front of you. Turn left in front of the statue - beware of oncoming traffic.
  5. Proceed to the end of the green, a mere 1/10 mile. Bear right at the fork, and in a few yards, continue straight down the church "in" driveway. Park behind the church and then enter via the rear door. Later when you leave, use the other driveway to exit.

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