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SCRABBLE® Club #808 at Peterborough, NH

This club began in Keene, but it has moved to Peterborough as of June 2012.

This club, established March, 2012, meets on Tuesday evenings at the River Center in Peterborough. The first games begin at 6:00 p.m. Typically, play ends around 10:00 p.m.

Players are welcome to attend for any part of a session. A #3-4 fee is collected to pay for the space. The club provides score sheets for those who need them, as well as basic equipment. If you do have gear, such as a custom board, timer, or Protiles, please bring them with you. Snacks are welcome!

New players are allowed free challenges of opponents' plays and may refer to the 2- and 3-letter word lists for their first few sessions.

Club Director and Contact Person:

This club is being directed initially by NASPA-certified director Ed Liebfried, who previously directed clubs in Exeter, NH and Portland, OR. He currently directs the club in Brattleboro, VT. The primary contact for this club is Michelle Montgomery at 603-289-3004 or shelz1@yahoo.com. Michelle is in the process of getting certified as a director. You may also contact Ed at 971-344-8730 or ed.liebfried@gmail.com. This club is in a new lccation, so the organizers recommend you contact Michelle to that the group is meeting.


The River Center is located at 44-46 Concord St. (U.S. Route 202) near downtown Peterborough. It is on the left coming from the center of town.

Other Clubs in New Hampshire

This club is included on this web site since it is relatively close to the Boston, MA metropolitan area. This is one of the only four active clubs of which I am aware in the state of New Hampshire. The others are the Exeter Club #587, and the Epping Club, and the Manchester Club #510.

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